Events & Confereneces



1.Transcriptional and Epigenetic Control in Stem Cells (J1)

joint with the meeting on Neurogenesis during Development and in the Adult Brain (J2)

Scientific Organizers: Konrad Hochedlinger, Kathrin Plath and Marius Wernig

January 8—12, 2017

Resort at Squaw Creek, Olympic Valley, California, USA

2.Epigenetics and Human Disease: Progress from Mechanisms to Therapeutics (A9)

Scientific Organizers: Johnathan R. Whetstine, Jessica K. Tyler and Rab K. Prinjha

January 29—February 2, 2017

Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA

3. Protein-RNA Interactions: Scale, Mechanisms, Structure and Function of Coding and Noncoding RNPs (J6)

joint with the meeting on Noncoding RNAs: From Disease to Targeted Therapeutics (J5)

Scientific Organizers: Gene W. Yeo, Jernej Ule, Karla Neugebauer and Melissa J. Moore

February 5—9, 2017

Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta, Canada

・Regulatory and Epigenetic Stochasticity in Development and Disease

Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics - 27 Feb 2017


A one-day symposium hosted by Bio-Techne   01 Mar 2017

・Chromatin and epigenetics: from mechanism to function

Abcam - 05 Apr 2017

・Frontiers in Reproductive Epigenetics

Van Andel Research Institute and Michigan State University -12 May 2017

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